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• If you have proof of someone glitching/hacking/being abusive, report it to an admin Discord Link  https://discordapp.com/invite/GPK3b6x

Since it seems people have been forgetting what our rules are lately, I would like to repost them for all to see in order to remind them that there are, in fact, rules.

Basic Trailerpark Server Rules

The Golden Rule -When staff tells you to do something then do it !!!!!

  1. NO hacking, exploiting, duping, ghosting, or other forms of cheating allowed.

  1. NO Racial, Sexual Orientation, Gender, or other such derogatory remarks.

  1. NO team switching, team killing, trolling, or spamming side chat.

  1. 2 Jet limit for each faction, 1 drone per person, and NO operating ARMED drones underwater or from any armed vehicle.

  1. DO NOT use vehicles to block ATMs, stores or park them inside Destroyers and stores.

  1. NO impersonating staff.  Automatic 30 day ban even if joking.

  1. All money AND/ OR rewards from any mission must be split equally between all those who actively participated.  If you did not help you do not get anything.

  1. Upon being killed, everything you own (gear, vehicles, cash, etc) is forfeit and up for grabs. However, rule #7 still applies.
  2. A maximum of 20 mines per player is allowed.

  1. Hovering aircraft/vehicles must maintain an altitude of 2km or less.  Going past this mark will result in a deletion of the vehicle and continued use will result in a kick/ban

  1. NO vehicles on ANY carrier other than those that are buyable there.

  1. NO operating drones or hacking the ATM from the F.O.B.s

    13. FOB Camping is no longer allowed;
    Here’s some clarification:
  • Strafing the enemy FOBs is only allowed with jets, it’s the ONLY method of attacking the FOB that’s allowed.
  • On your friendly FOB, self-defense is allowed if you are being engaged.
  • Going on an enemy FOB is not permitted.
  • Hovering with a helicopter and engaging the enemy FOB is not permitted.
  • Shooting at the enemy FOBs using a ground vehicle is not permitted.
  • Shooting at the enemy FOBs using a drone is not permitted.


Attempting to deal with team killers, glitchers, thieving teammates, hackers, trolls, etc. yourself instead of contacting staff may result in a ban for you as well as the player in question. We DO NOT advocate team killing in order to deal with the aforementioned types of players! If you are caught teamkilling a player that is trolling, you will be banned as well as them.

Bans are being kept track of via the .sql database. If you keep getting banned for the same reason, your ban time will DOUBLE each subsequent offense.


Banned 30 days for “Racism”

Banned for “Racism” again, 60 day ban


Please remember, staff members are NOT required to give a set number of warnings before a ban is issued. Should you ignore their requests or simply fail to hear them, an appropriate action will be taken at the staff member’s discretion.

If you take issue with another player or member of our staff, either submit a report along with any evidence supporting your claim to our. Discord Link  https://discordapp.com/invite/GPK3b6x


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