Basic rules of ANY Trailerpark server:

• ALWAYS respect other players and the server admins!
• Admin/Mod decisions are final, respect that!
• If you have proof of someone glitching/hacking/being abusive, report it to an admin or, or you could be held just as guilty!

A3Wasteland server specific rules: 

• No intentional teamkilling if you are on Blufor or Opfor!
• No team-switching to gain an advantage on other players!
• Admins/Mods may unlock you depending on the situation!
• Admins/Mods may refund money depending on the situation!

A3Wasteland server optional admin rules:

The following rules are admin optional for the period between server restarts! — possible temp ban if rule not followed!
• Optional Rule – Mortars can be called unusable by an admin if there is excessive usage by a player(s) or group!
• Optional Rule – An admin can call the 3 jet rule if there is excessive use of jets by one team/side!

It allows for only 3 jets per team to be in the air at one time!

BANNABLE OFFENSES on this server: 

• Exploiting map bugs/glitches (temp or PERM)
• Intentional Teamkilling (temp or PERM)
• Trolling our servers (temp)
• Disrupting the server / Being an Asshat (temp)